Bridgestone Stage 2 Set 14x6j

Bridgestone Stage 2 Set 14x6j


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Set of Bridgestone Stage 2 for sale!

These wheels would be perfect for re-barreling due to their weak offset and modular construction. This is one of the few old school wheel designs that isn’t welded. You could easily build these at home or disassemble them to take to a shop for re-barreling. We are missing one barrel for this set but we still have the face. The barrel might be in the shop and we can look for it if you’re interested in this set.

Size: 14x6j

Offset: 17

PCD: 4×114

Condition: 5/10. Little to no rash and minor oxidation. This set scores low since there are 3 complete wheels and 1 face. The other barrel might be somewhere in the shop.

Price: $500 shipping


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