Rad Roadster ( Garage Star ) Billet Top Hats

Rad Roadster ( Garage Star ) Billet Top Hats


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The Garage Star Billet Top Hats come in 2 extended heights. The inner mount of the shock was raised to make up for the lowering of the car, yet still retain shock travel for a decent ride. The inside mounting point is hollow, permitting the shock to enter into it, and can also accommodate a 3/4 bumpstop, if desired. Comes with stainless steel spherical bearings (pillowballs) mounted in a spring seat for smooth handling, and long life, as well as all necessary hardware for installation.All top hats come in a machined finish, and anodized in clear. Will fit most aftermarket shocks with shaft sizes of 10mm, 12mm and 14mm.

*Will NOT fit OEM sized springs. Our top hats are designed for 2.5 inch springs used on most coilovers.

***Each order comes in pairs (2 top hats)***


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