GReddy Type FV Blow Off Valve Kit - Toyota Supra T/T 93-97

GReddy Type FV Blow Off Valve Kit – Toyota Supra T/T 93-97



The GReddy FV Blow Off Valve is a new generation of blow off valve/ The unique “Floating Valve” design incorporates a revised adjustable dual spring system, while maintaining the advantages of the previous models’ push valve structure and silicone diaphragm control. The improved design makes spring preload setting less dependent on the idle, while providing increased response, valve travel, flow and resistance to premature valve lift under all conditions.

The GReddy FV adopts the same mounting and outlet size and position as previous GReddy RS and RZ models, so retro-fitting to existing applications is possible.

Item: Blow-off Valve
Type: Type FV
Size: 40mm
Notes: Gunmetal/Blue, adjustable floating valve, revised funnel outlet (Blue) Floating Valve design with opposing springs, allows for improved control, response and idle. new top hat design allow for rotating of the vacuum nipple without disassmebly of the unit. 100-420hp range

Compatable with standard 2-bolt GReddy BOV flanges and Type-RZ outlet adapters.


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