Circuit Dreamer started as a few friends located in Sacramento, California who were inspired by vintage Japanese racing, motorsports and the cool old wheels and parts we’d see. The nostalgia of a bygone era of racing and the design and style it had we wanted to bring back.  When building some of our older cars, we would try and find old wheels and parts (which sometimes can be quite a mission) to make our cars era specific, to fit a desired nostalgic aesthetic. Throughout our travels worldwide in search for wheels and parts, we’d receive emails, text and DM’s from friends asking us to find them parts or wanting to buy some of the parts we had acquired.  So we decided to find more so we could offer them to other car enthusiasts with the same passion.

The Other Version...

One night in Toretto’s garage, we were unpacking some overnight parts from Japan, getting ready for racewars.  As we pulled out some of the parts, Brian said he knew some other guys that would be interested in parts.  Toretto was always looking for ways to make money and help fellow racers, so he was down.  So we started getting more parts and going on missions to find and acquire them.  Some of these missions took us to other country’s, like Japan.  Where we had to get involved in some underground drifting to win respect before being able to go to some spots. Some of the journeys for parts took us to other galaxies where we had to battle the evil galactic empire with the resistance.  Luckily a smuggler we met named Solo, helped us get our parts through.  Back in the states, we even had to battle the evil Lopan in San Francisco’s china town with our friend Jack Burton (of the pork chop express) once when Lopan took some of our parts and held them in customs for the evil EPA, it was big trouble.  Dude had light coming out of his mouth and one of his henchmen’s head exploded when he sneezed.  It was crazy, but good prevailed and parts flowed in and thus was born Circuit Dreamer, forged in the fires Mt Doom, or a hot bridgeported rotary exhaust.

3747 W Pacific Ave A, Sacramento, CA 95820